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I think we can all agree that sometimes we take communication with people for granted, especially the ones closest to us, the ones who know us inside out, the ones who have been with us every step of the way, and most importantly the ones who were there when we took our first steps – our parents. Sometimes I feel like I can’t talk to my mum about certain things, whether that’s because I have a feeling she may not understand where I’m coming from, or she might scold me or she might not listen. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s all in my head. Having those feelings doesn’t mean it’s the right way of thinking. 

As a teenager, I sometimes don’t appreciate that I have a mother who is so good at listening, so good at giving advice and so good at guiding, she tells me right from wrong and bad from good. This is because I’ve learnt to communicate, I’ve learnt to trust, and I’ve learnt to be open and share my thoughts with her, no matter the outcome. 

Holding in things you feel you may not be able to tell your parents is possibly one of the worst things you could do to yourself. Trust me, I know. Even if you feel like they won’t understand where you’re coming from, there’s no harm in trying, believe me. It doesn’t even have to be face-to-face. I’ve got a couple of techniques I like to use when I’m too scared to face my mother, like texting, or even writing a note and leaving it on her bed, or sending her TikTok videos that relate to what I want to tell her. I feel these are very good ways to get your point across without having to tell them up close. Try it.

To parents, my suggestion is that you try to listen attentively, considering your posture, gestures, proximity, eye contact, facial expressions and tone of voice. I believe these are key to supporting your child or young person to communicate with you. Try and understand where they are coming from, and advise and support them appropriately. 

Written by Fola Y10

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