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Tolu Osula

Tolu Osula is an integrative counsellor for children and young people based Bedford, Bedfordshire. Tolu use different approaches and techniques to support her clients, she has training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic, play therapy and family therapy.
Tolu has a strong commitment to helping children and young people work on pursuing a positive mindset and applying individual strengths in areas that seem challenging with great outcomes. She focuses on overwhelming feelings/emotions and thoughts and behaviours that can occasionally prevent a child/young person from achieving their full potential. She has a Degree in Social Work and Masters in Counselling Children and Young People and has worked with children/young people for over a decade, and has expertise working with children and young people up to the age of 24. She aims to provide every child and young person she comes in contact with, the ability to discover their strengths and utilize those strengths . Tolu also focuses on empowering children and young people in finding diverse ways to understand and express their feelings to trusted adults and exploring healthy coping mechanisms to manage their emotions/feelings. 
Tolu has experience working in social care and school settings, providing emotional support to those who suffer from issues such as

Tolu is very passionate about helping children and young people to identify and focus on their strengths to help them manage their challenges helping them reach their full potentials.

Testimonials from Clients

I highly recommend Tolu who is a young people counsellor . She is very professional and easy to get along with My daughter had a couple of sessions with her and benefited immensely from the sessions . As a mum , I also got some good suggestions and useful tips from Tolu .
Aderonke Fadayiro
United Kingdom
Tolu is a great counsellor. She offered child therapy to my daughter, who was struggling with school, weeks later my daughter returned back to school confident, she's managing her emotions and tackling stressful situations a lot better. I would recommend Tolu any day; her professionalism and empathy are admirable traits you need in a good therapist.
Ehi Ojelabi
I don’t know how Tolu does it, I go into sessions most times feeling very sad but by the end of my session with Tolu I am feeling much better about myself and situations.
Anonymus Review
United Kingdom
The difference Tolu has made in Oluchi, is amazing. I see my daughter beginning to look at life and a future again. Everyday is progress!
U Nwuga
United Kingdom

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