Apology from Parents

As a child, sometimes we long to hear our parents admit they’re in the wrong. Sometimes we love to hear them own up to their mistakes and take accountability. Sometimes we adore hearing “I’m sorry” for once. Parents always expect their children to apologise for any wrongdoing, but what about them? What about when they’ve done something wrong? What about when they’ve hurt our feelings? Parents need to let go of being stubborn, because with that, we children tend to follow and copy what they do and most likely use it against them “You don’t apologise so why should I”. As parents, I think it’s important to set an example if you’re preaching to your child about doing a specific thing. You need to make sure you’re doing that thing you’re preaching about because the child will learn an important value/moral from their parents, and also cultivate the values and potentially pass them on to their own children.

If a parent chooses not to apologise but expects an apology from their child, that would be very hypocritical, and I don’t think your child seeing you in that way would be nice. Do the right thing. Practice what you preach. Apologise.

Written by Fola Y10

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